Monday, 16 September 2019

Profit of Doom

So the cat jumble was another good one , tons of weird and wonderful stuff you never knew you  3 items of clothing a cat watercolour that may be worth a fortune and more books for the winter reading heap . Theres another jumble at the same location next week

Linkage jumble sale, 21st september 2019. Birchwood scout hut. 10am-12pm.

Never attended these ones , so we will 

This mornings feelings of doom havent been helped by reading the news . Trump seems determined to start a war with Iraq , but then theres a lot of money to be made from war , my view is that we are all cattle used by our leaders and so called betters , lots of people will die over oil yet again , it seems we just go in endless circles over this .

Ive made the effort this morning and spoken to Anglian Water , i seems we were on the wrong tariff hence the scary bill i got , thats all sorted and they have put on the Priority Services Register , which was all a rather odd conversation about in the event of their being problems in the drinking water supply they deliver bottled water to people who are disabled , i did ask the question if this is Brexit related , no it isnt its just a safeguard for customers .  Worth bearing in mind if you have a disabled or elderly family member its industry wide they tell me .
Then that call going well ?I thought i would tackle good old British Gas , i had tried online the other day but got someone who did try but whos English Grammar was a tad odd . Found out that priority services have a UK call center then discovered that I had someone with a heavy Birmingham accent that i struggled with , but we got there and we sorted that as well priority services registered , application for grant sent off , we are only £2 under the grant limit so we have to wait and see .  Warmhome is also available to those who get pension credit as well as those on low income that means if your working you can try for this one and it is £140 a year .  All the big suppliers have these schemes but you do have to apply for them now and it does take a few months to be processed .
So its back to decorating time...bye for now 


  1. Hi Kate
    Thanks for your comment on my post about Toms cough.
    Like us, I know that you have been battling the establishment for years. Over the past two years we have been in various emotional states feeling that we have been put out to pasture. Even the consultants look bored when dealing with us as there is nothing they can do. We could have gone up to a London Hospital for treatments but the side effects are awful and from what I have researched, not effective. As Tom's life expectancy is only 2 - 4 years after diagnosis why make his life worse.
    We are in a no hope situation and trying to live as cheerfully as we can each day. Meanwhile I am trying to be positive while watching him deteriorate before my eyes.
    Like you, I'm so mad about the system and lack of empathy and help out there.

    1. its feeling so hopeless isnt it , everybody thinks its something we are doing wrong why mr BH isnt getting treatment , but theres nothing they can do its degenerative . There comes a point where quality of life has to take priority over quantity it doesnt make it any easier watching this every day does it .