Thursday 12 September 2019

Whos Bright Idea

So its season of major decorating chores and endless garden jobs , ive barely turned on the computer this week , do loads come in sit with hot water bottles and a paracetamol or two, snore in chair , you know the routine
Nearly killed sarcastic son and an inquisitive cat , by throwing half a wardrobe down the stairs as he stood their sucking his teeth going no that still wont fit did fit
Now painting has started with sarcastic son doing all the tops and me doing the bottoms , hes not to pleased that i found a tin of unopened dulux paint in the garden from 10 years ago that id been using as a gate stop to emulsion his bedroom , he has informed me that its now the colour of diarrhea, yes i know , thats why i didnt use it when i bought it , got the money for more paint ?  Goes looks at paint sees the cost these days , has now decided he can live with
I do buy lots of 50p plants that take my fancy from the car boot every summer then they sit in pots till this time of year for me to plant them , so ive started to plant another border patch , its a really dry bit where the main sewage pipes run so its dig a hole with a pickaxe kind of ground which is why i never bothered before , his lordship has suggested that i bring one of my cold frames into the front garden to save the trek around the back , valid idea , so once ive finished the chainsaw maintenance of the front hedge that can go on my list , somehow i dont think the whole list will get finished before the weather breaks , its a very long list
Im up doing todays pack up for fishing , his lordship is trying to do 2 days a week till the end of the season, his brother takes him for one and i endure the other , this is leaving him in a right state , hes on the industrial painkillers and cant drive , but it helps him mentally so i force myself  . Hes in return humouring my Jumble Sale habit . I ended up doing two trips to the car last week , big pile of books , stuff for sarcastic sons new bedroom etc etc etc . just to make it better theres another cat one this week .

  • 14 September Autumn Fayre @ Birchwood Scout Hut,Woodfield Avenue 11 til 1.30

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