Friday 15 March 2019

The Old Biddy Brexit

So weve had all these terribly important votes and nobody is any the wiser as to what the hell is happening .
So heres my widely inaccurate theories and prophecies having read the last tea leaves we shall ever see.
29th March we leave the EU with No Deal ...the chances that 27 countries will agree to an extension are virtually nil

The chaos will begin , mainly due to the government and its grey suited mandarins efforts to ignore this scenario because they thought they would have figured a way to wriggle out of this event .
The majority of those who voted no to a No Deal Brexit will sit smugly by filling there nails and saying we voted against this its not our fault you cant blame us .

Immediate food shortages will be caused  by people panicking, then in inner city areas we will have the usual riots , after all nothing helps with hunger pangs like a 50 inch plasma .  Manchester police will suit up big Ron and solve the problem with there usual gentle touch while the Met is still doing a risk assessment .
  Mrs May will of course read the Riot Act and call in the troops . just in London.

The Fuel shortages will kick in within the first week except for essential services , some helpful chimp will suggest we all get on our bikes and nobody goes out except for essential things like work .
Mrs May will cling grimly on, shes here for the duration folks .

Jeremy Corbyn may well meet an accidental death , killed by rioters possibly .

 Tony Blair will offer to lead the party to victory , doesnt he always .

Give it a couple of years
Boris Johnson enters no 10 , bringing a return to the Benny Hill era for women , Larry the Cat packs his bags and leaves because hes heard what happens to pussies where Boris is ...

Feel free to add your own tea cup readings


  1. Goodness, let's hope it's not even one tenth as bad as this.
    New Brexit Slogan to replace the £350m to the NHS
    "Brexit, it's not the apocalypse...well probably not anyway but even if it is, it's not our fault and we'll be ok (when we say we, we mean us, not you)" BJ, Gove, Leadsom and Rees-Mogg probably.
    Not as catchy as Project Fear or No Deal no Problem, but more honest.

  2. I think you could be right Katie. Glad you are prepared with some extra food and wisdom. Take care.

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