Tuesday 5 March 2019

Just Because

Just thinking about sticking a note on the fridge saying ..The ideal mothers day gift is gin ...lol ...ive made a bottle last 9 months but im turning into my mother and cant face Brexit without it !! must also add no posh gin just real mothers ruin Gordans
Im staring out the back window at the blinding sunshine knowing that its a warmth illusion , its bleedin freezing out there with a polar wind and i need to go and hang washing out in it , a womans work never been done , tons of garden jobs need doing , everybodys litter to pick up after the rather breezy night we had . just debating going to get some wood treatment .
So whats todays plan ? not doing a whole lot ive got shingles blisters on the other leg now , not really painful this time but rather yucky , so that means im infectious once again . Had a triage call with the practice nurse

I think ive got shingles again  on the opposite leg

No it cant be shingles you only get it on one side

Take ibuprofen and rest , draw a ring round it to see if the infection is spreading , if your no better in 3 days or if you experience a fever or breathing problems ring us .

Didnt expect much more from them they would hardly want to see you if its infectious , you can get shingles on both sides i looked it up. Its also very common this year triggered they think by this latest batch of flu vaccine , mine started a couple of days after i had it ...ho hum 


  1. Oh dear, I have had shingles.This is a miserable thing to have. I am seriously going to get the shot for it. Once it clears up there is a two part shot that is supposed to keep it from coming back. Take care.

  2. I knew flu jabs were a bad Idea. Glad I've never bothered

  3. Flu jabs do not cause shingles. The flu vaccine is not live.Shinglez are caused by the chicken pox virus that lies dormant and can be triggered in adulthood please do not scaremonger

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