Friday 1 March 2019

Im So Bored

I think my boredom levels are at an an all time high.  Brexit ....the most boring major political event in modern history , the biggest Hotel California event ever, is what 4 weeks away ...maybe?  or who knows ?
The whole country is like a giant mushroom farm , sat in the dark wondering what the fuck are they playing at , nobody can plan anything , nobody can make decisions , our so called more informed quadrant in the Palace of westminster seem to be to busy squabbling and point scoring to tell anyone anything , thats if they know anything ?  My votes on just putting them all on the last ferry heading out and replacing them with a load of turnips .

Replacing  them with the Parish Council from Little Muttering  might be the best idea .

So George your in charge of Defence now , wernt you once the storeman at RAF Wittering ? Theres a bunch of lads come back from a three year holiday in Turkey they worked at the Hotel Isis you can have them

Raj , im sorry youve got to sort out the farms and fisheries , youve more idea than most of us . Bert and Ernie can help theyve been in charge of mowing the cricket pitch for 20 years

DWP anyone ...thought not , nobody wants that poison chalice .

Pencil Annie in for the NHS she used to be a nurse , so she will have more of an idea . Might need help with the 10 containers of Paracetemol  for the disabled though .

Theres plenty of bodybags theyre giving them out in Tescos , but dont forget we musnt have funeral pyres in domestic gardens , no diesel for the firetrucks and all that .

Anymore suggestions for the next meeting?


  1. It is unbelievable. I am going to urge all voters to crack the two party system next time we get a chance and vote for anyone other than a standard party!! I am starting a campaign in our village to get 20 women to stand for the parish council and get the men out. What a shower! Up the revolution, Citizen Smiths unite!