Saturday 23 March 2019

Out To Play

My daughter staged an intervention and took me to Boston yesterday , we didnt warn Mr BH just ..byeeeeee as we left the building , hes on clingy child at the moment and driving me mad , we went out yesterday and he found that hes struggling to even do the hand controls on his buggy , so the sulk is upon us , his condition is degenerative , he knows this ,but every step along that road fills him with despair .
So my daughter went to court and i went for a little hobble  round Boston, its not changed a lot in the last year , still full of Eastern European veg workers , but it has a good selection of Polish supermarkets some quite large , so being me i posed as a Polish granny and visited a few , they are wonderful , theres huge butchery and deli counters and one even had a bakery that was gorgeous . I picked up bags of dried stuff for the store cupboard that was cheaper than the ethnic aisle in the big UK supermarkets , and stuff to try just because it looked interesting... lol 
Then i did a muslim fruit and veg shop, again wonderful selection , its cucumbers with everything this week they were so ..but its the service that you notice, theyre polite they will lift and carry stuff for you , suggest alternatives etc etc .. I quite liked having a big smiling beardy bloke carrying my shopping basket , so different to the surly service in chain UK supermarkets. There are small independent shops that are English that provide excellent service but theyre few and far between where even small towns have excellent ethnic shops these days , give them a try its not all Vodka and dodgy fags 


  1. Tell me about it - all our fruit and veg comes from the Asian and Polish-run market stalls. We have a laugh and a joke with the staff, they'll tell you how to cook unfamiliar stuff and usually give us a few freebies, too - a much better experience than dealing with surly teenagers in supermarkets. x

  2. You've inspired me to visit Boston sometime this summer!

    1. Wednesday is market day , its harder to park then

  3. There is a Polish/Eastern European supermarket not too far from me that I love to visit. It's spotless, shelves are always being refilled and the prices are incredible. I too love trying new things. especially jars full of interesting pickles and jams. I can't read the labels but the pictures help to figure it all out. And I like the fact that I can get small jars of things (I'm on my own and don't want giant jars) - and yes, the staff is very friendly and I've been given more than one recipe idea whilst standing in line and chatting to other customers.
    Glad to hear that you had a bit of a break and some time to yourself.

  4. Love greengrocers in any Asian area, always full to bursting and we'll stocked. As an ex greengrocer owner myself it warms my heart.

  5. I love our local Asian food stores. Great produce and lovely service

  6. Did you call in at Stickney for the car boot sale? Must admit to missing that little outing since our move.