Friday, 8 March 2019

Brexit Tales

Project Fear is going really well for Mrs May isnt it , so many folks not coping at all well with the extra stress piled on at every turn .
Weirdest Brexit moment of the week , went to the post office to pop a parcel in , one of our little rural branches in the Coop , thought it was odd there was a chuntering queue a mile long . Its usually a couple of people queue with one little woman on the counter .  At the counter is a rather posh hunter welly, horse piss smelling, lady of a certain age. Getting on her high horse because she couldnt withdraw all her cash and exchange it for Euros , apparently you will  make a big profit on the exchange rates once the pound plummets come Brexit , shed seen it in the paper?  The discussion was going on and on , she was ranting about how it would be quite easy at her bank and we were all thinking , sod off there then . She was told she must order the currency ,they only carry £300 on site , or she could just do it online or over the telephone with her bank a good half hour later she flounced off as fast as her wellies could carry her , chuntering merrily .  The next bloke steps up to the counter and says can i have some Euros , the look from the cashier should have turned him to stone, as he smiled and said im kidding i just want a book of stamps......we all cracked up laughing