Wednesday 6 February 2019


Well  i got up this morning feeling positively human so its tedious chores day ..ive just sat down to play hunt the cooker realising that it really has had its day and we need to find a new to us one , this is always good fun , being poor and looking for second hand appliances is a feature of life, trying to find a small cooker to fit the supposed 600m gap that isnt, so you have to have a 500m with a few centimetres gap down the side for everything to drop down makes it hard , it  has to be electric, has to be cheap, so great fun .
Just cleaned out the veg box , decided to call it a day on the last three beetroot from back in October ive planted them in the edge of the compost bin outside,  theyre already sprouting so should give us a few salad leaves in a few weeks. Potatoes have pretty much died a death , the ones in the shops are tiny and once peeled and the scabby bits removed theres not a lot to show for your money . So much to the disgust of the troops ive bought a catering pack of instant mash and loads of cheap tinned potatoes, my excuse they are hideously cheap and you dont want to pay towards the food budget?
Washing mountain to tackle , does it never end ?
Still building my Brexit stockpile , nope its my regular build a stockpile because i dont have to pay the water rates time of year , so extra catfood and yet more instant mash this week , next week teabag mountain ..right its back to chores time , a womans work is never done


  1. I'm looking for a second hand oak side board at the moment. It's dreadful trying to dry washing this time of year without resorting to the tumble dryer.

  2. Hope you manage to find a bargain on the cooker.