Friday 1 February 2019

Happy Preppers

Well this is getting fun , ive been so busy prepping for the day that ive barely had time to blog , well something like that , more like the wretched shingles left me with Neuralgia  but somewhat interestingly the 5 days of antivirals seems to have given me some relief from the pain and swelling in my hands . I hope this lasts a while because i may be able to get on with sewing tasks ive got  backed up once the blurred vision from the Neuralgia gives over , its getting there.
So this morning it giving loads of overnight snow, Mr BH decided we should go to the tin factory  no snow just the odd flake and binding sunshine ,lol
I had managed to explain that we needed to start a large box of food for Young Baldrick and his missus the birth of the baby having catapulted them on to Universal Workhouse , they have no income and theyre amassing yet more rent arrears . It will be  minimum of 5 weeks till its sorted probably a great deal more because they are classed as a complex case and as always Young Baldrick has managed to scare his case worker away just when they need one. We dont have much spare cash and i would never trust him with money , so we will invest in food for them to come back to . They have been kidnapped for a fortnight by his mother because they have no money for heating or  food . By the time a fortnight passes this large box of food should be full , plus im aware hes lying about no heating as they have just received a grant for the electricity from their energy company his partner dropped that one into the conversation a couple of weeks ago .
So the box has gained a huge catering pack of mash , a tray of tinned potatoes and a giant box of Angel Delight  , £5 worth , I will add a few other items tomorrow and next week on my travels . Think I will get some powdered mik , tea bags etc .
Mr BH still thinks they will be fine , im more of the view that he needs to be watched like a hawk , if he can get away with bullying his partner into trying to push everyone away  we will intervene . If we think that the kids and baby are in any trouble we will intervene . Family loyalty is one thing and im sure it will upset Mr BH if I go behind his back , but i dont have a single ilusion about Young Baldrick and his behavior and something in the way hes acting is just niggling at the back of my mind


  1. Hope you manage to get the sewing done Kate there has to be a bonus somewhere fro taking medication. Hope all his well with Young Baldrick and family, always a testing time with a new baby.

  2. I think you are a wise woman -and a very generous one given what you've already been through with "Baldrick".

  3. Use your instincts with young B, you have good ones, honed over the years.