Wednesday 20 February 2019

Prepare for the Apocalypse

Just kidding ...No i admit ive been neglecting you all , due to apocalypse duties. You know desperately scouring the  country for Fray Bentos Pies and tins of beans takes your energy away .
I did like one of the press horror stories , that we will have to eat mountains of kale and leeks because they will be the only fresh veg around , shock horror , we may have to eat seasonal veg for a while ? That and tons of mushrooms because we grow most of the EUs supply and they cant be delayed by customs.
So what are you all stocking up on ? ive bought extra cat food because its not quite rabbit season yet , then the furry scroungers can pretty much feed themselves , except for Miss Penny of course , who finds the art of killing rather blase and for the plebs .
Garden wise ive not started anything yet , ive a feeling that winter hasnt done with us yet .  Need to get a new propagator lid ordered , nobody smashed it !! Seeds ordered this morning , heavy on the beans and peas this year they can always be dried easily as well , ordered Ransome seeds ,the plan is to toss them round at the very bottom of the garden and let them do their own thing , they can stink the place out in peace there, broad beans ordered thanks to the mice , plus a few more odd herbs for the collection.
First major job , move the strawberry bed,so i need to pot loads of runners on , more nut bushes to plant on to replace the hedge chopped down by Charlie Chainsaw next door , he has now fortunately split up with his missus , who informs me its because he wants to be a playboy , she doesnt appear to be missing him much
Jumble Sale wise i spent a whole £1 this week on some Star Wars pyjamas for the munchkin to grow into and new to me plastic plates that keep on vanishing into bedrooms!!
Theres a bowls club Jumble this Saturday at Washingborough not certain of the time some say 1 , some say half 1 , so i will camp out for that one , theres not a whole lot on my jumble list this year , next size up for the munchkin a few bits and bobs for me , garden tools being the main one , munchkin needs


  1. We've built up a fair stock of bits for Brexit. Lots of beans, pasta sauces and pasta/rice etc. I've also stashed some baby formula for Baby W just in case.

  2. It's going to be fresh stuff that's delayed, so yes we will gave to resort to eating seasonally. Let's face it you can't buy strawberries in the winter regardless of where they are grown that taste like a summer strawberry.

  3. I will happily eat kale, leeks and mushrooms so that's OK. I'm stocking up on chocolate and coffee, if I starve I'll starve happy!

  4. Well, that looks like we will all be eating a lot of mushroom soup, mushrooms on toast, mushroom stroganoff, mushroom omelettes etc. Good job I like mushrooms!