Friday 15 February 2019


Its the start of the Jumble Sale season properly this week , Washingborough Community Center 12.00 in aid of pussies , not sure if im going because theres an auction that isnt online at Market Rasen, it says its antique but this one is notorious for lumping box lots together for next to nothing and theres often a lot of household stuff among it , daughter is taking the afternoon off so we can go take a look at the viewing this afternoon ,  I might leave a couple of cheapie commission bids , you never know , then i could go to the jumble .
The sunshine has made me go outside and try to decide what to do in the garden this year , still lots of general heavy stuff needs doing , but i need some slave help for that , veg wise i need to have a think , we need the veg and the munchkin likes helping so there wil be some but not sure how big an area this year , who knows .
So im off o go and get on now , dont forget the pussies


  1. Jumble sale too for me tomorrow and boot sale with the favourable weather forecast.
    Enjoy those bargains

  2. Jumble sales have almost disappeared from this part of leafy Surrey. The nearest thing seems to be car boots .... Charity shops have become very expensive.

    1. charity shops here are dreadful, one by one they have died and gone to overpriced bland hell

  3. No jumble sales and only the rare car boot sale so charity shops are all we have.