Monday 2 July 2018

Ode to the Builders

Well the builders have been fun , they turned up on the right day at the right time and were baffled by what they had to do . Their worksheet consisted of one line . Fit replacement boiler .
There was no stock list so they had no idea we were an oil property , we waited for the delivery of parts to find out out what they were actually doing , it did turn up eventually and consisted of the same boiler just a newer one and a single radiator . By this time id rung the council and played hell up , the builders were ringing their office up playing hell up and chaos raineth !!
Bless him the lad said I can only fit what has been ordered so started ripping the old boiler out , the folks from the council turned up that afternoon by which time i was seething , id spent 2 days moving everything for them to need nothing moving !! I might as well talk to a pair of planks , it would seem their was a communication error between the council and the builders , we had to have the boiler delivered because the part form hadnt been filled in correctly. So what was the point in fitting a new boiler the same as the old one ? more waffle im afraid so it took them just a day and a half in total and im still trying to put stuff away , theyre also coming next week to fit a new oil tank and im not moving the shed !! they can walk round to the cow field at the back with it stuff them!!


  1. The way things are going I'm thinking of becoming a hermit. I'm totally fed up with the world at the moment (or rather the people in it).

  2. I'm with Briony....I just want to run away and hide.
    Waffle seems to be the language of the day when dealing with anything to do with jobs in the house. I'm sick of it.

  3. Dealing with estate agents over the last few days has been difficult enough. They can waffle for England never admitting they are wrong,bits always someone else....yikes it's maddening!

  4. Next time insist the Council put in writing their intentions, then nicely acknowledge their letter agreeing to the works as stated and add you have sent a copy to your MP and local Councillor and Uncle Tom and Harry who will be interested in seeing how effectively they are supporting their people.That should put the waffle level up a degree or two.

  5. What a waste of time, money and resources! Honestly the inefficiencies and not giving a sh*t when it comes to public money is an absolute disgrace! Never mind all the work you had to do for nothing! Unbelievable.