Tuesday 31 July 2018

Well That Was Fun

The annual pilgrimage to a field near Leicester is done for another year , camping was not fun . so hot you could barely breath, then tropical monsoon season , now  I have a wet tent to try and dry, plus mosquito bites that are nasty and all over , anti histamines and ibuprofen seem to be working .
 Mr didnt move much and spent the time nattering to mates sat on his throne , even he said its getting to much for him , the ground had cracked badly due to the heat so he darent go out on his crutches, even the loo trips were deadly .
Did come back to find id won a lot at the local auction that i hadnt viewed , I now have someone elses material stash to add to my own..lol...havent had the chance to go through it yet just a quick look at the vintage knitting patterns id spotted in the sale photo . My daughter however had a mental moment and bid on the wool stash , shes just discovered crochet and being stuck at home on sick for another week at least ,thought this was a good idea , she now has a huge mountain of weird and wonderful wool , she also purchased another dressing table , just because it was cheap , I can currently hear all the banging about upstairs as she tries to sort that out . There was also a huge bag full of wool scraps and knotted together wool that will be my TV watching hobby of an evening for a while , she would have just chucked this but im finding it quite satisfying proving the point that theres a use for everything..lol ...pompoms wool for the munchkin , fibre art etc etc
So thats my boring uneventful life ...but after the fun we have had in the last year uneventful is good


  1. We don't seem to get much craft stuff in the auctions down here. I'm envious of your bag of tangled wool, I get most satisfaction from coming home from the boot and sorting through things.

  2. Uneventful is definitely good.
    I don't like too much excitement.

    I nearly bought a load of fabric from the charity shop yesterday but just stopped myself when I realised I had nowhere to put it.

  3. I agree uneventful is good. Glad there is a small streak st normality in your life.

  4. Exciting is good traumatic is not. Love the sound of your stash.

  5. Vintage patterns, wool and fabric my kind of auction sounds wonderful.

  6. You probably know this, and the moment is past, but lavender essential oil is amazing on bug bites. As for the stash, what can I say? Stash happens! WS x