Monday 16 July 2018

Fun Packed Weekend

So we toddled off at 6am on Saturday to the big car boot at Stickney near Boston  , Mr took his spazzie buggy and trundled round remarkably well it was huge and the paths are made from crushed shells so no boulders or big holes , they also had a disabled toilet which is unusual for a car boot and the parking was right by the gate . Do wear shoes rather than sandals the crushed shell gets everywhere . So yes i would recommend this one for the differently abled so long as your battery is fully ..Going early in this heat is a must and before the crowds if your in a chariot is always a good idea we left at 10 and the place was heaving  .
Did we buy lots of stunning treasures?  err nope , I bought a carrier bag of wool and a load of fruit and veg which we shared with grandad, new potatoes with everything this week , i must have stopped to look at hundreds of things but nothing said take me home . Mr bought loads of current buns for the freezer and some weird engineering bits as he does. Must have walked miles, Mr came home in a state every tiny bump ramps his pain up so it was snoring with industrial drugs afternoon .
Then yesterday it was fishing with BIL , crabby grandad and the Munchkin because his had surgery last week mother, had gone to see Eminem with her mate , the tickets cost so much she would have gone on a stretcher methinks .
Without the Munchkin its great fishing, i get a bit of cross stitch and a good book to read between fish , i have to land them all , set up all his equipment etc , Mr cant manage that part anymore on a plus point it can be a long time between fish he only managed 6 all day yesterday , and  i was introducing a family of voles to Watermelon rind , looking for wildflowers and stopping Mr and Munchkin from killing each other , so 12 hours on a lake side was hard work.
  Industrial drugs again for MR last night now hes snoring on the sofa,  so a quiet day with lots of chores and hopefully a siesta....if im lucky, the munchkin breaks up for summer on Friday so then ive six weeks of trying to keep him and grandad occupied and amused without them killing each other , I was looking at a bottle of Gin in the coop last night and wishing i was


  1. Hubby has promised me lots of fish for the freezer now he has a share in the Rhib. I'm certainly looking forward to that as fish is so expensive. SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD CAR BOOT. I need to find one with lots of fruit and veg.

  2. This weather has put a stop to the car boots as Tom finds it harder to breath in the heat and he must keep doing that, lol
    I keep thinking of all the things I've missed, lol, but as soon as the weather cools I'll be back to the usual Sunday early start and hope to get some goodies.

  3. I do miss that car boot sale, I very often picked up a bargain and always went home with a bag of veg.

  4. I do love a good boot sale, round here the smaller village ones are much better than the huge ones which cater mainly for the tourists. You get a better class of rubbish at a village sale lol - and generally cheaper prices!

  5. We don't do car boot sales but we doe flea markets - which I think is the same idea only you pay to use a stand which is a permanent set up. They will have toilets (including disabled) and usually a restaurant or a couple of refreshment booths or trucks. I usually only go with a friend who loves them and can't resist a bargain. I'm not crafty and I'm downsizing so I usually just look.
    I'd call that GIN medicinal and buy it now!