Monday 25 June 2018

5am start

Well ive been up an hour and i can vouch for the fact that at 5am it was glorious here on the edge of the fen , now the fog is so thick that i cant even see across the garden
Mr is snoring on the sofa he hasnt slept much having decided to start a major project in the garden , a huge complex radio mast that isnt going well and must be finished before the builders start Thursday and  more work on it today, I could cheerfully put a pillow over his head , my back is screaming from having to help him yesterday and it had just nicely settled down again to the point where i walked the school run yesterday for the first time in weeks .
 Theres the big tent to be put up today for him to move into for the builders visit , im rather hoping hes eaten by Bambi or visited by a herd of rabid hedgehogs in the middle of the night . but then again hes informed me i must have a walkie talkie with me at all times, day and night so he can call for assistance. Bleedin men!!!  All this because he has to take his pride and joy custom built Vespa out of the dining room for the duration , its not insured because the insurance lapsed during the DWP wars and he now cant afford to reinsure it  because they have trebled the premium , i have suggested chaining it to his commode or his ankle , theres a wee bit of an atmosphere to say the least .
Ive spent every penny i had on an online grocery shop because i simply cant fit a trip out into this weeks equation.
 This is where i turn into the evil grouch from hell due to lack of sleep and back pain  , Mr Siestas through the day keeps me up all night and im running round like a headless chicken trying to move everything for the builders , then nursy duties Thursday onwards with daughter after her op, the builders here , the munchkin to sort and garden duties . Heatwave , sarcastic son being even stranger than usual , case worker visits goes on and on 

A Life , A Life , My Kingdom for A Life


  1. and I thought things were getting better............keep on it.

  2. Oh dear, you have my sympathy, the times I want to push my beloved into the cut are innumerable and he doesn't even snore!

  3. I don't know how you just don't run away sometimes - I think I would! Or - I think I would lose it entirely - inform them all that I'm in charge and they can bloody well do as they are told or there will be no meals provided, cleaning done or laundry completed - and I'd mean it!
    Vespa sold - he's never going to ride it again, can't afford the insurance, and since it doesn't belong in the dining room it won't be returning there after the builders finish!
    NO New projects that neither of you can physically manage! Especially not you with a bad back!
    If he wants to sleep in a tent then he can pitch it himself and then he's on his own - you know that walkie talkie is going to be squawking all night and that is just so unfair.
    You are a wife and a mother - not everyone's bloody slave and it's about time they all realized that! You deserve a medal for not having killed them all in their sleep by now!

  4. Yay, Marge! I salute your attitude as it is mine as well!

  5. I salute your amazing strength to keep going. I think I would have been gone long ago. The good thing about walkie talkies is they have and on and off switch......I say no more.