Monday 18 June 2018

Going Home Runrig

The road trip to Manchester was a resounding success,, ive never cried so much , my eyes are still sore . Runrig has been the Story of my Life ,  through a crap marriage , singledom and then MR Bah Humbug and his trials and tribulations there has always been Runrig.  We have grown old together and them hanging up their guitars has dragged that thought into the forefront of my mind . There was even a fan in an urn occupying a seat .  The Munchkin loved it once it was up and running and he and another little girl got to shake hands and be fussed by the band , there were a great many generational families there , a lot of stereotypical mad drunk jocks and many a tear was shed .

So this was the best xmas present ever, if the saddest , I wish i could have managed the final night at Stirling but at least my daughter and her partner will be there .

Im on such a morbid drag over this that yesterday I pointed out to Mr Bah Humbug that Penny Cat and little Doris will probably be the last kittens we ever own , his comment ?

Well youd best hurry up and snuff it ,then they can burn you in a pyre at Stirling on the final night !!!


  1. It's funny but Your blog title is what attracted me to read it. We only ever saw Runrig once but they were fab. I am glad that you enjoyed seeing them

  2. Mt BH is sure a font of compassion, and after all you have done for him. BAH!

  3. It's sad when you think that the cats will be the last you will own. I think our lot will outlive us and I don't like to think what will happen to them if we gi first.
    Sounds like Mr.Bah Humbug has a quirky sense of humour to me. I'm sure he would be lost without you.

  4. Typical man I have to say. That's just the sort of thing my hubs would say. Glad you had a good time, you deserve a break.