Saturday 14 April 2018

This is the End

I keep hearing the Doors song in my head of late , current affairs being what they are at the moment .
So how do we think Mr Putin is going to react to our latest idiocy ? So out comes my crystal ball .
Alternate futures for 2018
Mrs May has announced that Brexit is being put on hold for the foreseeable future , well you cant be messing about when youve just started a war can you .
The Conservative party has announced that all unemployed Universal Credit claimants must report to their local munitions factory , after all were not a picky country and will sell munitions to any nut job with a fistful of cash , this will be hailed as a huge success as the jobless figures fall through the floor

.Mr Trump is rubbing his hands together in glee , as he presents Theresa May with the evidence that the current government sold  the chemicals used in Syria to them , so we need to bomb the place flat before the independent commissioners get there . "Dont we Theresa, after all we have a special relationship" said with a twinkle in his eye .

Cyprus the crispy island that Putin nuked is no longer a good place to holiday. Well hes not daft enough to pick anywhere big its got everybodys airbases on it and it might serve as a real big wake up call to the Israelies to keep their nebs out of Syria

Meanwhile the orange one has just found out that the nuclear codes he was given on his first day in the job are actually the toilet door codes for the US military offices , The military are meanwhile picking their targets with care .

Now for the UK i think theres a couple of scenarios , we either end up as a Russian province, theyres an awful lot of military trained Eastern Europeans here working in the fields, or we just face the fact we are going to end up as the crispy island and we cant predict which idiot will nuke us . But neither of them need us and the EU would rather like to see the back of us . Im rather hoping its not the second scenario as I live between 3 huge RAF bases so might as well paint a huge target on my roof .

So this is my cheerful Saturday post ?


  1. Well said Kate. Utter madness, why we have to brown nose USA is beyond me and what happened to negotiation.

  2. I feel as cheerful as you, having woken up to the news. We're acting like the policemen of the world whilst selling arms to Saudi, that they use to kill people in Yemen. Innocents killed there don't seem to matter, or are conveniently forgotten as the UK benefits financially from that, and we know that money is worshipped more than any god. What is the difference in being blasted to death or choked to death by chemicals?
    I despair, and won't bother with the nuclear bunker. I'll just stand outside and get fried if the 2 minute warning comes.

  3. We live within 20 miles of Trident so we’re screwed too. It’s becoming scary again and the older I get, the less able I am not to think about it. Excellent post today.

  4. The world may be going mad and coming to an end rather quicker than was planned but at least the sun is shining today!

  5. I'm burying my headlights sand, but I'm also cynical enough to believe that a lot of this brinkmanship is just to enable politicians an excuse to bury bad news.
    The year when a lot of celebrities died in January and February there was a cartoon in one of the papers. Death was sat with his scythe on the phone to the PM, saying I'm running out of people to kill, how many more mistakes have you made that the press might find!

  6. I'm not burying headlights, I'm burying my head in the sand, bloody tablet!

  7. A lot of Russian money is invested in Cyprus.

    Putin would base troops there before he nuked it.

  8. Love the 'orange one toilet codes' part!!