Thursday 12 April 2018


So I got a little PPI cheque , its not huge but its the first money since the 30th December that is actually mine , after a lecture from the kids i was informed by the kids that i must spend some of it on me .
 All those PPI adverts and only one company would take the problematic Lloyds TSB account that was in joint names with my ex husband and dated back to the time of the dinosaurs , its been refused 3 times ive tried since PPI got famous to get the money . Yes theyve charged a big fee but they got a cheque out of the notoriously crafty TSB , they were polite and helpful every step of the way no hassle at all , just one nasty call from LLoyds TSB they argued that they shouldnt pay out because my ex had made a claim on the policy , but he had made a claim after we were legally separated and before the mortgage was settled up in the divorce, so it was nothing to do with me. They payed out my half of the insurance .    Ebico Group I love You . …

This has caused a bit of a atmosphere as Mr BH has put in his four pennyworth he  said i must pay my debts , its funny as these are debts caused by the DWP fiasco , but theyre now all mine and nothing to do with him , I had no debts before the DWP fiasco, this i think could mean that i may throttle him . He can be a miserable git at times but at the moment hes on his full on drive everyone away mode .
Well i bought a strimmer and a weed burner which to me seemed extravagant, but the kids said you must buy something for your self . Well theres nowhere in Lincoln sells fat bird clothing i would be seen dead in , its all sparkly fat bird on a cruise , or summer colours that attract bugs .
I looked on line all the stuff on line in fat bird is priced to the hilt or made for normal shaped fat birds , i have comedy boobs that are out of proportion to the rest of me . So my daughter said look at Wish , so i spent a couple of days rooting through the hideous fat bird half dressed clothing , I like stuff up to my neck long sleeved and a decent length , im not flapping my bingo wings for anyone .
 Finally found a plus sized shop that does multi seasonal clothing and  lots of draped stuff and she wasnt happy when i pointed out i could always use the fabric if it didnt fit , they also do the neutral colours I like , sort of Chinese granny . Which is fine by me , I do look much older than i am, like most of my family, its not a bad thing ,you dont change you just stay the same for 30 years till you pop your clogs and theres no rule that i cant wear DMs till the day i die , or have plaits and wear really bad taste jewellery and accessories . So ive spent a whole £20 on me and im awaiting the arrival sometime in the distant future when i will give an honest review of Zanzea plus size  ...first new clothing in 5 years but  it doesnt mean im not going to the Jumble this weekend .


  1. Pleased to hear you've had a windfall. We got some back from Halifax our first mortgage company. Hubby pocketed that!

  2. Given all you've been through over these past few years I don't think you should begrudge yourself a wee treat or two and some new clothes after 5 years hardly counts as extravagant!
    I understand that your husband is ill, both mentally and physically and it is a very difficult life for him - but - caregivers must look after themselves and have the right to call out those being cared for when they are bullying or petulant. Being ill doesn't give you the right to be a miserable git all the time. There are limits to what people can cope with or should have to cope with and I hope you remember to look after yourself more these days.

  3. I am so thrilled for you. The garden tools will certainly make your life easier. Good for you getting some new clothes, you deserve them.

  4. After reading your post we got in touch with one of the PPI advisers. They can sort out Loyds for us... we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.