Tuesday 10 April 2018

Open Wide

So im to be infested with the window fitters tomorrow , which seems like a miracle after the 10 years of arguing with the council over the double glazing we stole . We had been given a date but that doesnt mean a thing , they were supposed to be putting in a new boiler at xmas nobody came, but the window blokes are currently next door so at some stage this week we may get sorted . Though they seem to be having problems making the back ones fit next door , cant wait till they try to do our twisted kitchen window , fen moves and so has the house and the window frame is actually snapped and you can see daylight if you take all the tape and bath sealer off ..lol
So today is day of moving everything , so that tomorrow i can be ready shouldnt take to long but MR is nagging already , then he starts on the whole we could decorate routine ..... Errr no
I loathe decorating its my pet hate and when he says WE he means just me !! Sarcastic son will make himself scarce , Useful son cant be spared to help as Grandad isnt well . So it would be me doing everything in a state of frenzied resentment with MR  driving me mad with constant criticism , I intend to fling a bit of emulsion paint around and thats my lot .
Festering is my current mode im afraid , Mr is doing the whole,im in pain im grumpy, everyday at the moment , then hes keeping me awake most of the night . So sleep would be a nice luxury , plus the munchkin isnt back at school till next week  AARRGGHHH
Then its garden season and its all a swamp , i treated myself to a weed burner and a cordless strimmer to try and tackle the back garden so the veg can go in and just got another lecture on wasting money , I did point out that i hadnt bought a new item of clothing for 5 years and had holes in all my footwear , the cupboards are bursting and hes just got a new car and a spazzy chariot .
I didnt point out that im the one with debts after year of no money,not him. . He needs to realise that Carer doesnt equate to unpaid slave and its not sinking in very well at all !!


  1. Oh gawd....I wouldn't wish window fitters on anybody.Hopefully ours will last now until we pop our clogs because I wouldn't go through that again.
    Hope it all goes well.

  2. I hope the windows fit and you don't have another problem to deal with. I'm also hoping the sun makes an appearance again soon.

    1. having spent all morning shifting furniture with my mardy helpers the builders just been to the door to say theyre not starting till next monday ..AAARRRGGGHHHHH