Wednesday 25 April 2018

Im Back

Well it rained last night and im waiting to see if the flood water drains down enough to let me continue chopping down trees . Brambles im sick of them , the birds poo them out and they pop up everywhere so im on a bramble cull , this is not a small garden so its proving fun just a row of conifers to top out , joy , nobody wants to help with that one im afraid .
The new windows are amazing , you cant see the curtains blowing in the wind nor the daylight round the sides , so a huge improvement , we will just have to watch the mould problems dont get worse . Shame they didnt do the doors as i got up to the usual hallway full of snails due to last nights rain theres nothing like a slug between the toes to wake you up in the morning .

Royal baby? suitably bored , its a baby, its healthy and it will lead a life of privilege.
 Kate looking groomed and perfect on the steps outside the hospital  , which isnt hard with a personal  stylist , hairdresser and make up artist standing outside the room waiting for you to pod . No "for god sake get me home , im leaking and i need a frozen sweetcorn round my bruised bits " like most .
Home to the nanny , valets and the press officer .
I still think they should go with naming him Kevin it has a certain ring Prince Kevin or maybe Prince Donald ? Both are popular choices on twitter along with Jeremy for some reason .


  1. Loving your sense of humour Kate. Glad the windows are an improvement. I seriously wish I lived closer I would give you a hand as you are quite an inspiration. Hope the water ebbs soon. Tx

  2. Oh gawd....make them come and put some doors on....the thought of slugs between your toes makes me feel quite sick. I'm sure I would just drop down dead if I trod on

  3. Tell me about slugs and snails in the house, they're always popping in here. Last night we got a dead mouse, too - I know the cats are trying to tell us that they love us but please, no! xxx

  4. The bit about frozen sweetcorn round the bruised bits made me laugh out loud. Your humour is amazing.

  5. Glad the windows are such an improvement but I did cringe at the thought of slugs and such on my feet.

  6. Just been invaded by ants so you have my sympathy.