Monday 2 April 2018

Rain Rain Go Away

Well I had hoped to do a huge gardening post for this weekend but as the gardens currently under water and we have a six inch deep moat formed across the front of the house getting closer and closer to the front door , I think we will give that one a

All ive done this weekend is stare at the rain , potter about  and do a little cross stitch .
 I thought i would roast the garden hazelenuts and make some fruit cakes , it went badly, what should have been a simple job went a tad wrong when Mr Bah Humbug needed my help with an urgent issue then the smoke alarms went off and you guessed it id a whole oven of flames and smoke, house still
Plan B was to make jam , ive a ton of fruit in the freezer that needs using up mainly raspberries , no sugar AARRGGHH  I had several bags but someone has used the lot , We dont use it for anything but jam making and the occasional cake , the culprit would appear to be Sarcastic son who informs me he takes five sugars in his coffee .  It has to be really cheap for me to stock pile it and its over a year since I bought five bags on my travels. I just wish people would tell me when theyve used the last of anything . You guessed it Easter Sunday and everywhere was shut , plus its a 10 mile round trip to any shop now and thats only the Coop.

So then I thought i'd do my spring list for jumble and car boot .
Steamer   I dropped it and it died
Small Food Processor ,  finding it hard to knead stuff and rub in pastry and the munchkin isnt always available to help .
Vacuum packer and bag sealer , always wanted to try one
Small garden fork and shovel for the munchkin , he loves gardening but hes just a little to small for the adult size
Outdoor Toys for the munchkin and his little group of henchmen , maybe Swing Ball the old style metal version, the feeble plastic Argos ones are not a lot of good . Peddle cars in a bigger size and a small set of goalposts.
I do suppose books will feature on the list along with pretty china somewhere .

So now my day starts Mr BH is shouting that he needs me , lifes so thrilling , I thought id let him lie in for an hour as hes been up and down all night and neither of us has had much sleep , but i recognise the sound of grumpy male on the move , it will be a long day .


  1. Re sugar if you have a Farm Foods close by they do 1kg bags x2 for £1 I'm a jam maker too x

    1. 39p for 500g B&M ...when i next go to

    2. If you're anywhere near a poundstretchers then it's 50p for 1kg. This is the second time I've left this comment on different blogs - I don't work for Poundstretchers, I'm just frugal :-)

  2. I buy sugar when it's cheap to. ,(Thanks Wendy). Katie I get really mad when I go to the cupboard and something is missing. Last month it was syrup, not do much missing, the can was there minus the contents! Why can't they say? When questioned I get' I thought you knew' .....I'm clairvoyant now too!

    1. empty cereal boxes or leaving a tablespoon full in a box , they just seem to get abandoned here for the recycling fairy

  3. It drives me insane when they use the last of something and don't tell me because I can't just nip to the shop either....grrrrr.

  4. So good to read an upbeat post from you. Hope all your troubles are easing now.

  5. I had to laugh over the smoke alarms going off because of burnt hazelnuts...sorry! Bet you said a few choice words, lol.

  6. I have a long drive for the shops too so I know your pain.