Saturday 2 December 2017

Attending An Event

Well I did rather think I should be wearing something sparkly with added festive hat and earrings sat at the hospital last night .
We got a phone call from the Neurology Consultant at Sheffield tea time last night , strange we thought theyve only just started his tests , he had blood and ecg Tuesday , hes back for lots more in the run up to xmas . The lovely lady said
Do not panic

He panics of course and throws the phone at me and says his usual deal with this!!

Turns out there was something strange on his ecg and his bloods were rather odd so she didnt think it was serious but was going to ask Cardiology to have a look but mostly she was asking if we had had more problems with the GP because she was going to fax them and if that still got no response, report them.  Result methinks ....
 10 minutes later the phone rings its the Cardiology consultant from Sheffield . Mr Bah Humbug  needs to go straight to A&E, he then dictates me a list of meaningless gibberish to me that we must give to them and says we must insist hes seen immediately and show them the gibberish .
So off we go , to the plague pit of Lincoln , with the warning signs on the doors that its closed to admissions due to flu , no visitors etc .Ambulances parked allover etc .
Well we went to the desk and the rather disinterested receptionist says its at least a 5 hour wait , it was like photographs of war zone hospitals in the waiting area , stank of sick, pools of sick , dozens of small children , all the pensioners who had been waiting to go home all day etc etc . So i handed her the list dictated by the consultant with his name and number on and we got seen pretty quickly
I have to say the staff despite the utter chaos seemed to be plastering a smile on and getting on with it remarkably well , they had run out of bays for the ambulances sat full of patients, couldnt admit anyone so they were all being ferried elsewhere hence the glut of pensioners waiting for transport . Well they did another ECG took yet more blood and stood looking at the results and as the Doctor said ...thats unusual , had any chest pains ?

Ive got broken ribs had them since January , so yes lots

off we go to xray

After 6 hours we get to go home , yes he has had cracked ribs one has gone again but it appears, after lots of people looked at his ECG he also has a rather unusual form of Angina .
They sent us home because they cant admit and the nearest bed was Nottingham , as the Doctor said it hasnt killed you yet and youve had this a long while , come back Monday .
Going home Mr Bah Humbug chimes up with
Thats weird my dad has Angina , hes had it since he was in his 30s , he always has to go to Sheffield about it .
So it would appear he has a hereditary heart condition to add to everything else ...BLEEDIN MEN


  1. How do you manage to keep going? You are ruddy marvelous.Lets hope this is the start of something good. Being taken seriously and some of the services getting their arse into gear. Tx

    1. Shouldnt think our dreadful GPs will bat an eyelid , but Sheffield seem to be a bit more on the ball . Seems I dont just have Munchausen's by proxy after all

  2. It never rains but..............
    Keep plugging away and I'll keep things crossed for you

  3. I'm feeling for you all the way kate. As you know we have problems here with Tom. I pretty much give up as we seem to be getting nowhere fast. I've come to the conclusion that nobody really gives a **** !
    We've been in and out of hospitals for years with various things and its pretty sad when you come to expect mess ups.
    Hope you get this latest thing sorted.

    1. Once you enter the world of serious illness its another dimension , its not the health service and its lack of funding , it has wonderful committed staff except with a few notable exceptions . Its problems are really at management level everything is so bloody disorganised and nothing gets done with any common sense , just with a view to meeting stunningly stupid targets dreamt up by westminster

  4. Will this diagnosis at least make them change his "Fit for Work" diagnosis? Honestly - what more do they want? You must have the patience of a saint!

    1. Nope....heart troubles are yet another thing on the list of irrelevent conditions , its well documented that the DWP have killed thousands with that one .

  5. I don't believe in Saints up in air but I met some living Saints and one of them is you. Take care

    1. very far from sainthood im afraid , im just a baffled bystander in a farce you couldnt make up

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