Thursday 30 November 2017

Heat On The Horizon?

Theres a little ray of sunshine on the horizon we may have a little heating oil for xmas , the cold in this house is killing me by inches . After the nasty snot bug we have all had , including Mr BH who has cracked ribs yet again but cant get a doctors appointment . The munchkin coughing so much he was sick and had to stay off school , and my  post viral asthma making me so breathless , something i get after colds , we are like march of the zombies .  We just keep a tiny oil filled radiator on all the time to keep the living room warm for Mr BH.

The DWP are asking for yet more information as to why im not working more hours plus they want more information that theyve had at least 3 times , so thats a weekends work to get on with ..
Im so sick of Mr Bah Humbug saying "when this is sorted out we will be fine " Ive long understood that it will never be sorted out , this is the future of daring to become disabled in this shitty country , endless debt and contempt from those just one rung up on the ladder . .

We had visitors from the council yet again the other day , they wernt happy that we have no heating , they want to fit a new energy efficient boiler , which it seems is going to be a big job , theyve gone back to the council gulag to consult with the council caseworker we have never seen or heard of since she was appointed , the one who never responds to the messages you leave etc etc . I wish them luck

Then we went to see the wizards at the Royal Hallamshire about the odd problems Mr Bah Humbug has , lovely lady was seen , suitably appalled that we have to travel that far when theres a neurology outpatients at Lincoln. even more appalled when she found that Mr Bah Humbugs notes consisted of half a dozen sheets only about his suspected stroke in June , it seems that this multi million pound computerisation of all our files means that even a consultant at a huge teaching hospital cant access anything from another health authority  and can only access 6 months worth without a huge wait and a special request ..bizarre , she couldnt even see any of his scans so they all have to be repeated at Sheffield next week along with some others , so thats another £30 journey .

The gist of the visit is that she thinks he has migraine with aura , we hope he has anyway but then she took him away for a physical exam came back and asked about his suspected stroke , asked why he had only had a CT scan weeks later , why he hadnt been referred urgently to stroke services etc etc. I had to explain that there is nowhere to send him to currently in Lincolnshire except for extreme cases.

Her comment
 Why am I surprised , my parents live in Wales and its just as bad . Centralised services just means that unless you live in a city there will be no healthcare .

So the result of the trip to the wizards ....he musnt drive , he may be having micro strokes , they wont inform the DVLA until he has a firm diagnosis .  But I must make sure he doesnt drive , not that he has being doing for a good few months . Hes got to go on a migraine regime , something i havent looked up yet , just to see if it stops the aura .

Sounds like progress , until yesterday when i had to ring our GP to request his sedation for the scans , spoke to the receptionist and explained who refused an appointment and told me that we had to submit a written request from the consultant in Sheffield because it isnt our Healthcare Trust  ..AARRGGHH spent most of the morning on the phone trying to do that ,eventually spoke to the consultants secretary ,  but the consultant isnt back on shift till Friday , theyre going to ring us then and we will go from there.
So explain this to me why are they sending folks all over the country to see specialists when nothing is coordinated to let the specialist do their job ?


  1. How are you keeping your sanity ?? just two things come to mind, if Mr BH has cracked ribs, wouldn't the hospital be a better option rather than trying to get an appointment at the Doctors ? also, can't you claim travelling expenses ? I used to do this when I took my brother to hospital appointments, as long as you have proof i..e bus/train tickets etc., or a receipt from a taxi driver. Might be worth looking into.

    1. no help on the travel expenses fund they shifted the rules for that one. On the cracked ribs front hes had them since January so he has to be referred by his GP.

  2. I read every time you post, but I can't keep up with all your different appointments etc. It seems to me that there are too many people involved in his care and they're not 'speaking' to each other. I wish I knew what the answer was for you.
    You are obviously made of strong stuff otherwise you would have buckled by now. I know I would have done.
    All you can do is keep battling. Good luck. I think it's safe to say that we're all with you, in spirit at least.

    Joan (Devon)

    1. there stunning lack of coordination never ceases to amaze me particularly the whole care situation , third party data protection is always the excuse

  3. Just tip up at A nE with Mr Ba Humbug, walk away!. They have a duty of care!.All tests will be done!. Refuse to allow him home spouting carer stress . All hoops will be jumped through to set up carers, assess financial needs home circumstances, including no heating. Amazing the power a hospital has to get someone home safely and out of a hospital ward. Just saying😀. Not that I,d know wink.

    1. funnily enough guess where we ended up tonight!! But they sent him home

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