Saturday 4 November 2017

Sick Note

Ive been excused from blogging on the ground of sickness , its been fun ,,....not
Mr Bah Humbug has had a fun week with a camera down his throat , they have found something and taken biopsies , we await with interest . We have also found that his little procedure last week has actually made one of his problems worse so hes looking at surgery and to finish him off his flu and pneumonia jab made him really grotty .
So ive spent a whole week pre payday , trying to fit work around this , with no fuel bugger all in the house to eat and no heat at all ,because we need to keep the lights on .
I actually went to the GPs and saw the new little boy GP , turns out hes an ex army medic so more on my wavelength we had a 5 minute  appointment due to the other GP keeling over at the morning surgery !!
You need to go to casualty
No chance they cant do a lot , 30 years of abdominal surgery tons of scar tissue and adhesions , digestive system runs like a sack of spanners but i manage .
Right try this , huge dose of antacids every two hours , this should stop your digestive system in its tracks take them till monday morning then ring me if youre still here . Youve no fever , no vomiting everything is coming out the other end ok  so youve not perforated , merely damaged or inpinged somewhere in there .  If you were a man you would be rolling on the floor in casualty by now . I will be amazed if your not in hospital by Monday ...Good Luck
Its Saturday morning im still here


  1. Blimey Kate, you don't do things by halves do you?! I hope you don't end up in hospital (although you'd at least have a rest whilst there!). I really hope things get better all round for you soon.

  2. Good grief, what next? Hope it wasn't serious after all and you dont end up in hospital.
    I had an ex army doctor where we used to live she was brilliant

  3. It never rains but it pours! Don't know how you keep going - you are one tough woman! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Oh Kate, how the bloody hell are yiu still standing and how the bloody hell do you keep going. Youve got to look after yourself. I'll say it again its crazy that you aren't entitled to help through one service or another. Inhope things look up for you soon.

  5. I like the sound of your sensible army medic. I have often wondered if those flu jabs have a adverse effect. Never had one myself = I prefer to keep away from people!

  6. My jury is pretty much out on flu jabs. I think if your health is already compromised then they seem to make people really poorly.