Thursday, 16 November 2017

Poverty Plans

Today we shall discuss the coming of the Apocalypse ...aka ...Universal Credit , we are fortunate that its not scheduled till next July here , the first big push starts at the end of the month in a lot of areas .
Never in the history of mankind has a good idea been so badly organised , when it was first announced there was supposed to be huge cost savings by combining all the benefits together , quite a good idea .  Then the Tory Party gave the job to various cronies and American companies and it has turned into a witch hunt on the poorest and most vulnerable .
Number 1
The Housing Benefit scandal
they are no longer going to pay peoples rent direct to the landlord , already every to let sign going up has  No DSS on it , this should be shut down hard , its discrimination the like of which hasnt been seen since the 70s , the good old days of landlords evicting people because they were poor or disabled . Doubtless we will have loads of programmes to cheer up my mother along the lines of Benefits and Bailiffs because there all scroungers out there .
Number 2
The 2 child rule
You will no longer be able to claim anything extra if you have more than 2 children . Seems fair enough why would you want more kids if you cant afford them . This was supposed to only affect those who were born after a certain date . What they forgot to mention is that any change to your benefits means that those who already have more than 2 children will lose the portion of their benefits for the extra kids so thats a whole generation blighted because they are worthless .Also is it 2 kids to one mother ? or will men still just wander around breeding any old how . My mother will enjoy Benefit Breeders the new tv programme or have they not already done that one ?

Now I will get out my crystal ball and look to the future
The Government has decided that due to the single child rule each teenager must care for 10 frail elderly , while holding down a 60 hour working week at the incontinence pad factory  .  this of course is a good thing , they will inherit all the belongings and property of the elderly they care for . After 90% death duties of course .
Due to the lack of low skill labour the rich will be buying foreign staff from Amazon, thats if they can find any foreign staff who are willing to come here ..
I could go on and on and on , but instead heres a pretty knitting pattern , from the days when you could have kids ,stay at home and be a mother , cook wholesome food and be everything that the feminist sisterhood fought against


  1. I am a landlady have let my spare room out for 5 years. Present Aussie lodger leaves in April after 2 years when her visa runs out!.
    Would never ever let my room out to anyone on benefits. I need someone working who is not in the house all day using my heating electric, has check able references from work and previous accommodation. I only ever take females to one mans disgust who sent me a barrage of e mails saying I was discriminating him. My house my rules basicslly.

    1. Kirrie,if I have a spare room to rent I would take male tenant and maybe we could become a good friends with benefit.

    2. Ha ha I don't need or want friends with benefits!,

  2. As a retired social worker (don't boo. I was one of the good guys!) I have been concerned about the housing benefit part of UC. I worked with many women who at least could be sure of a roof over their and their children's heads as the rent had been paid direct to the landlord. Now it becomes part of the cheque that some women struggle to get from their partners who drink/ gamble/take drugs. I really do fear for some of these women and their children. ( and yes, I know that some women drink/ gamble etc etc)
    Hope it all spans out well for you Kate

    1. thats the really terrifying part of Universal credit , my partner has a history of severe mental health episodes and now they think he has a major neurological problem , because hes male he is head of the household . everything will go to him unless i go for POA. which he isnt going to agree to . Recent episode involved him using the last money in the bank to buy tyres for a vehicle we dont have

  3. Sometimes I seriously wonder which century we are living in! Tracy

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  5. I had heard about cutting benefits after 2 children because rightly so, if you can't afford them you shouldn't be having them. But I hadn't heard that if YOUR circumstances are re-evaluated then your existing kids nos 3 and onwards would also be affected. Not sure how that is going to work though to be honest. I mean, if you are already receiving benefits for 8 kids (REALLY?) and then the benefits are cut off for kids nos 3-8 what is the government going to do? Let them starve? How about chasing up on the bloody fathers. I'll be darned if I know the answers. Just wanted to say though that I think you are amazingly positive (and very funny). Best wishes from France (not sure it's much better over here to be honest). Anna

  6. OMG My mother had that knitting pattern and I had plenty of those gloves. She was not a stay at home Mum, we just did not have a TV till I was 12 and knitting was a past-time. They could not afford TV - often unemployed father in the 1950s was no joke either. Life not changed much has it?