Thursday 3 November 2016

And It Got Even Better

Monday I had been planning to go back to bed and get some sleep just to try and lift my mood,  id got my hot water bottle filled and a cuppa in my hand then there was a knock at the door .
It was a builder come to start on the wetroom , I just stood there gobsmacked , we had had no notification at all of when they were due to start the work , in fact they only came and did the asbestos survey on Friday !!
He just stood there grinning and said havent they even phoned you this morning to confirm it can go ahead? Errrrr NO
After a bit of a discussion it was decided they had better get on with it , but moving everything about has turned into a bit of a nightmere because theyve had to do a lot of rewiring due to its crap condition , theres been no toilet between 9-5 , obviously we have a week with no bath , no water or electric except after 5 and just chaos, theyve had to strengthen the floors as the joists are riddled with woodworm , today the outside doors has been wide open all day and theyve been moaning they cant get on with the grouting because we have no heating oil and the tiles arent drying AARRGGHHH
Then to really cheer me up they said the floor layers hadnt been notified either so theyve no idea when they are coming so we will still have an unusable bathroom at the weekend . Today ive had 5 van loads of them here , just beggers belief . I really appreciate that we are being given this but could they not have just made a phone call so that we were prepared . I have to be back at work tomorrow so much for a rest and a bit of peace to get my head straight


  1. Kitchens and bathrooms - the worst ones to have work done to. Good luck!

  2. I suppose them turning up without you knowing is slightly better than expecting them and they don't arrive.
    Hope you get sorted soon, a walk in shower makes things much easier

  3. Katie, all you can do is grit your teeth and wait for it all to be over.

  4. I wouldn't wish bathroom work on anybody. We had our bathroom changed to a shower room and we were without bathing facilities for a month because the builder we hired was a disorganised k**bhead who farmed his work out to contracters and he couldn't organise them for toffee. Luckily we had an outside loo we could use but we had to either wash at the kitchen sink or go down to my son's house to have a bath. It was a nightmare.
    Hope your work goes smoothly and quickly-x-

  5. I feel your pain. Hopefully it will all be over soon and you will have a lovely bathroom. A shower will make everything easier.

  6. We had our bathroom altered a few years ago. We were without a bathroom for a fortnight... washing in a bowl is no fun. We all used to sneak off to the hubby's place of work every other evening for a quick shower.

  7. That will be over in the near future. Take care.