Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Election Special

Well America you certainly have put the cat among the pigeons . As you know my life is pretty crappy at the moment not aided by no heating oil and winter vomiting bug , dont worry you cant catch anything from reading a blog , shame really or i would have sent this virus to my boss , who thinks i should go to work while im contagious .
I would just like to assure America that contrary to the press and medias opinion , your sky isnt about to fall in , the worlds not about to end and the Mexicans will still be picking your veg this time next year. The Great Wall of Trump wont have even got through the planning stage before your next election
We make these spectacular voting moves to punish the elite and then nothing happens . The Donald will not deliver on his election promises none of them ever do , hes going to be finding out very shortly that he needs to do as hes told , hes merely a media figurehead . The bloke who makes the speeches and  who appears on the telly
 The White House will soon look as tacky as a Trump Hotel , his scary missus Malaria will be picking the decor , somehow I cant see Homes and Gardens wanting to do a big spread on that one . his spray tan booth will be all packed up and ready to roll . Closely followed into the building by a truck load of Botox for the missus .
Im sure his first move will be to get all the white unemployed to train as bricklayers , should be good for a laugh if nothing else . Just think hes going to need so many that they will have to come from all over the world . Thats going to solve the immigration problem?

Question 1
Does this mean that the comb over will now become compulsory in the US?
Question 2
Has the price for prepper supplies suddenly risen?
Question 3
Bunker Anyone?

Hilary chuck , go and enjoy your grandkids . Smile sweetly and just say "you got what you voted for" pat Bill on the head then put a pillow over his head when he mentions "When I was President" for the four thousandth time today .
 Liberty may be crying all over the internet , but hey nothings really changed !!


  1. Love how you cut through the crap! Wise words indeed xx

  2. Thanks for the smile and I hope you are right. I admit to being distraught today. :(

  3. Thanks, we need that. We just hope he said and did anything to win and now will exceed our low expectations.

    Miracles can happen.

    Mary in Maryland

  4. Well you certainly made me smile...

  5. God Bless you, I sure as hell needed a good laugh. "Malaria", indeed and so shall she be called, if ever mentioned in our house!

  6. trump is an embarrassment to our country. I am attending a protest here in florida tonight

  7. omg, I am just getting over the bug, I'm sure I've had the Norovirus, I don't remember being so ill, both ends decided to play up and now I am feeling so weak. We actually called in the paramedics as the pains were so bad and I'm not a wimp. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, well..... maybe my downstairs neighbors who have been fighting and rowing for 31 years. ha ha.
    Hope you are well again now.

  8. That made me laugh out loud! In some respects you are so right; politicians are notoriously famous for not following through on campaign promises. I'm one of the 20 million that now has affordable health care under Obamacare, something we could not afford before this went into affect. After a bout of lung cancer, which I've survived, I was not insurable with this pre-existing condition, or if I was it would have taken up over 50% of our income in premiums and deductibles. I'll be eligible for Medicare in 6 months, so I'm praying that Obamacare is not repealed before then. I don't know what the future holds. It's a bit scary, to be honest. Trump's rhetoric was damaging, unsettling, misogynistic, racist, sexist and at times downright disgusting. Billy Bush, the other person on that Access Hollywood tape was fired in disgrace by his network. We just made the other participant the leader of the free world. God Help Us.

  9. I was just saying much the same to a friend this evening - he isn't a dictator - there are still procedures and checks & balances in place and I'm pretty sure there is a whole raft of senior Republicans getting ready to school him on how Washington really works.
    The one funny thing in all this - the website for people wising information on how to immigrate to Canada crashed election night due to so many people trying to access it and apparently it is still really slow today due to volume! Our papers have been publishing all kinds of tongue in cheek information for Americans wishing to become Canadians - although I guess it's not so funny for them.

    1. Dont forget we are always looking out for immigrants in specialised trades , nice place , free healthcare, few guns, good exchange rates , no need to learn a new language

    2. Somebody in our household keeps humming "Oh, Canada,"