Wednesday 16 November 2016

Tis The Little Things

Its been a funny old week , got my wage slip , well my amended wage slip . the first one was comedic , took one look and cracked up laughing , for the first time id been overpaid somewhat . Not just for a couple of jobs but theyd paid me for someone elses jobs in another part of the country . 
So I rang them and found that my nice booker is now a supervisor at the company that eventually pays me .

Errr Betty , I have a problem with my wages can I speak to someone?

Theyve all gone out for a pub lunch , whats up chuck .

Ive been somewhat overpaid 

Dont worry about it theyre piggin useless .

Nope this isnt a little data entry error , someone is going to be ringing up going mental , it will not go unnoticed we are talking four figures here 

Bleedin hell , i will see if i can get into it ....Well thats different , have you been covering the whole of Northern England? 

 Nope im doing sick cover , ive been scuttling round a bit cos theyre all on sick , but this isnt my money !!
So she takes the details of the areas i've been covering , says she will have words when they reappear and today I get a new impressive wageslip for all the outstanding stuff ive been arguing about for months along with my back fuel money . The bank will love me this month and we will have heating oil .

A little bird tells me that a couple of the wages staff are suspended awaiting investigation , it seems ive opened a whole can of worms to do with expense payments . 


  1. Well it's about time something went your way! Good for Betty.

  2. I am thrilled for you, not before time.

  3. Glad the idiots are being investigated, wonder how many other people they messed up. Thank goodness for being able to get heating oil seeing as we are in for " a giant vortex of freezing weather a la " the Day after Tomorrow"! "

  4. Mr Bah Humbug is still wearing shorts, the kids say hes been sarcastic . Im quite shore its because of the lack of any feeling in them...he doesnt get any better

  5. Yay Betty...its about time you had some happy news for a change, you certainly deserve it :)

  6. If you could see me, you would know I'm doing a happy dance for you. As others have said, about bleeding time!
    How's the new wet room?
    Mr BH isn't the only mad short-wearer - 1 of Gracie's classmate's dad wears them all year round. His missus had a real to do with him about him choosing them rather than a suit for a wedding. Men! And they say women are difficult/contrary

    1. We can now use the wet room , it's very posh , but they don't decorate they just put the fittings in, so now we have to wait for the heating so we can decorate....aka fling anti mould emulsion

  7. Oh thank goodness something has gone right! Hurrah for the heating oil and the wet room. xxxx