Wednesday 23 November 2016

Bah Humbug

OK lets get it out there . I really have got to the level of loathing xmas , people cant afford to live from day to day let alone have the happy commercialised xmas advertised every other minute .
Its unusual for me to be fed up with it this early in the season , but its the grocery shopping aspect of it . Have you noticed theyve started hiding all the real food and replacing it with seasonal goods . I was stalking the yellow labels in Tesco the other day , only to find the chiller was full of yellow labelled Gyoza , Souflettes and Coconut Prawns with mango Salsa ...really ? Even at yellow sticker prices these were all around the £2 and more mark for 8 or 9 miniscule nibbles . I bet whatever charity gets there food at the end of the day will be so grateful . Cant you just see the poor bloke in his sleeping bag with his dog on a string rushing forward for those ?
WHY are they selling this stuff in bleedin November ?  I know it can be frozen and used later but the mountains in the cheap bin show that nobody is buying it . Lets face it when it comes to a buffet if you put this stuff out on you lets impress everyone buffet over xmas its going to be the tray of manky frozen sausage rolls and the cheese on sticks that gets eaten first .  Cheap manky frozen sausage rolls can always be enlivened with a good sprinkling of parmesan or glazing with a bit of chutney , thats as far as my buffet catering exotica
So heres your challenge for this week .....

No1 whats your cheapy buffet cheat that actually gets eaten?

Whats the weirdest buffet item youve seen on your travels ?


  1. That is such a great one to remember, parmesan on top of a sausage roll I may give that a try. Yes I did go to the Coop Antiques whilst in Horncastle, it was piled high everywhere and was quite difficult to manage. I was on the hunt for pudding bowls without success.

  2. I like the idea of parmesan on top of sausage rolls too....yum.
    I find all the supermarket buffet stuff weird. I wouldn't eat any of it and I am as annoyed as you by them removing everyday stuff to make room for the festive stuff. I needed a bag of frozen corn cobs the other day and they don't stock them during the winter. I nearly swore at the lad I asked about them but it's not his fault-x-

  3. Simple meatballs in a lovely (store -bought) sauce are ALWAYS finished off - just have lots of toothpicks and napkins handy.
    I worked in "Special Events" for years so I've seen some pretty strange items put out there. Can't recall the weirdest but seafood can be very hit or miss and there have been some very strange dips on offer - but YES - sausage rolls always get scoffed!

  4. pringles, pringles and more pringles .... or the cheap Aldi equivalent which are every bit as nice.

  5. I had to smile at your post, it's so true. I always say I'll do a nice easy buffet for everyone in the evening. Then I proceed to spend practically more than the rest of Christmas put together on it. Not this year! Jane xx

  6. Little sausages on sticks are always a winner even if they are totally grim, and with my kids party rings and chocolate fingers. What I really hate it the canopes passed round by 'staff' at really posh dos . You have no idea what they are, how to eat them and what to do with the cocktail stick afterwards. Don't go to posh dos these days, but once upon a time...

  7. can we get away with spreading marmite on twigs like Mr Bean?

    1. I think that's part of the Heston Xmas range