Wednesday, 12 October 2016

My Kingdom For A Life

Im back...well just for today . Im currently working in Hull doing sick cover , so full time then my own job on top . Im there all next week as well , not a bad thing . I do need the money, but its killing me , i just seem to work sleep and scrape the surface of the domestic chores . Its the endless data entry that does my head in , ive a full day of office chores today on my single day off , there was a phone conversation with my boss which i think went quite well, this was at 9am Monday morning

 We havent received your data file yet . ....

Thats right im just making a cuppa then im off to get on with it .

But that will take most of the day

Well I worked till 5 on Saturday

So why hasnt the data file been completed ?

Because on Sundays , I take the day off to have massive amounts of sex !!! just to keep my strength up otherwise I wont be able to face another 60 hour week at way below minimum wage !!!

He hung up, and i havent heard a thing from him since , not even the daily whine text .

The reality of my Sunday , was endless mounds of washing , cooking for the thankless and trying to get a nana nap while Mr Bah Humbug was telling me a weeks worth of gossip.
Its not good im missing jumble sale season , endless auctions and thrift shops , i need my life back


  1. Hopefully it will all be worth it when you get your pay packet. Take care.

  2. Hang on in there, hope they remember to pay you after all this extra work

    1. That's what keeps going through my mind , I'm overdue the fuel payments they promised me already

  3. Hope it gets sorted, on another matter do you still have an eBay shop, I remember I bought a compact off you privately before, x

    1. The ebay shop had to be mothballed when both the local post offices packed up. BUt it will return properly over the Xmas holidays period if all goes to plan