Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Positivity Post..Honest

Im trying to come up with a little positivity today , Mr Bah Humbug has man flu , he is not a good patient . got a whole £3 in my purse to last till friday  when i hope to get paid my pittance , once again not what im owed .
The Jumble sale at Tattershall had to be the worst ive ever attended , everything was either holey or stained and the prices were truly bizzare. Only got a Mario Cart dressing gown for the munchkin it went down to 50p once i pointed out the pocket was hanging off and a pure wool denim blue guernsey jumper for a £1 , not sure if i like it , i may disassemble it for the wool when the weathers better, theres a lot of wool in it its huge .
On the Baldrick front whatever chemicals he had in his system seem to be wearing off and were starting to get some of the unpleasantness we know and love , he swears like hes got tourettes and with the seven year old this isnt acceptable , sullen when hes asked to do anything , blanking us all .
He even told one of his brothers that hes got what he wanted moving here and that hes not leaving , his sister can get out and take her screaming brat with her. Really......dont pick a war you wont win little boy !!
From what we can find out his mother hasnt accepted any help when offered for years and now that hes an adult that help is very few and far between . But if help isnt available from somewhere , this could go badly wrong , he doesnt understand other peoples facial expressions or there emotional feelings because he has none himself , he is good at faking emotions he can cry to order and do poor me very well but can get very aggressive if hes caught out . He has actually said to me that i wont like it if he gets angry , the munchkin pointed out that granny doesnt do angry .
I think the house rules are driving him mad
Yes we are early risers but we are busy people
Meals are dished up for you because it has to stretch and you will take all the meat etc and leave nothing for others
No we will not give you money to buy fags ( disgusting habit that we dont sponsor)
There is no money for phone credit for you because we have no money .
We do not buy squash , pop , crisps etc because we have no money and they are not necessary
Do not argue with your older bigger brothers they will tolerate more from you than most , but if you push your luck to far , i will not intervene .
Do not steal from other members of the family , unless you have a death wish .
Yes we peel potatoes , this is now part of you helping , i dont care how long it takes you , your dad however after an hour and 7 potatoes done will have a paddy with you .
Yes you are going to learn to cook clean and budget before we help you get accomodation , this is not negotiable in any shape or form ......see positivity , I knew it was here somewhere ...lol

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