Thursday 3 March 2016

Ever Decreasing Circles

Knitting this red tape jumper is hard
So have i achieved anything on behalf of Young Baldrick?  sadly I think not , lots of things set in motion , but moved forward not an inch .
Yesterday first meeting with a very nice lady at Housing Needs , lots of form filling but nothing can move on till he gets a second proof of ID , we worked through the long list of things that can be accepted and we are awaiting his medical card from the PCT as he hasn't got a gun license or driving license or anything from a professional body . Kind of hard to get these when your partially sighted .
Same thing for opening a bank account and he cant apply for any financial help without his own bank account . AAAARRGGHHH .
Finding out about his benefits is hard work because he cant remember the answers to his security questions , they dont allow for him being special needs unless his Statement of needs is in place and because we cant be his helpers with this without the Assessment of Needs being in place .....we are getting nowhere.
Adult Social Care wont accept anything but a NHS psychological report for his assessment , this is the report they took great glee in telling me will take at least 6 months !!
So in effect he ended up hungry and homeless for a reason , hes been unable to claim any benefits , unable to cope with finding anything out and because hes been flagging up at so many different locations within the aid systems and didnt give permission for them to share information . Nobody has done a thing to help him !! Data Protection Law at his best !!

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