Tuesday 8 March 2016

Escape Plan Needed

Sometimes you bite off far more than you can chew and im afraid the Young Baldrick situation is turning into one of those situations , another week passes and not an inch further have we moved . No progress whatsoever, another 2 weeks till his doctors appointment .
His behavior has been appalling, he admits hes been doing lots of weed and legal highs , I think hes used them to self medicate  and stay calm . We have told his mother on numerous occasions over the last couple of years that he needed psychiatric help , this last week has been spent waiting for the police to  knock on the door , or rather hoping.
He no longer has either of his phones , his dad took them off him . we were informed he has been phoning another autistic teen and showing her him self harming and getting her to join in , then threatening her when she wouldnt and wanting to watch her kill herself !!  The girl has serious issues with self harm and he was well aware of this .We asked her mother to go to the police , but im not sure she wanted to .  He wasnt to pleased when his dad made him strip then laughed at his few pathetic scratches , we have had enough serious psychiatric issues in this family over the years to know real self harm . He then had a meltdown telling us that he hears voices telling him to do these things , mmm not so sure , hes a compulsive liar and will say anything to get away with stuff . His dad has kept his phones with all the messages on to show to the doctor . His lack of concern over what he has done is amazing but its a feature of his condition . Hes also threatened to harm anyone who gets in his way , i had the long lecture yesterday about how good at martial arts he is and how he knows how to kill people , then theres his knife fixation .
I did phone the GPs and explained , they gave us a helpline number but it wasnt much help . Everything seems to be geared towards making excuses for what he does , but the fact is that he is now an adult and hes not had the proper care and help he should have had growing up because his mother blocked it whenever she could, this means we  have to face the fact that he is a danger to himself and other people. But due to the wonderful systems in place and a lack of funding until something bad happens he is our responsibility ...Rant over ....gin needed


  1. Ok Katie, difficult.
    Did Baldricks dad have no say in his sons upbringing?.
    Sometimes, mothers get more say especially if they have custody.
    Excellent you are helping what is essentially a young man with huge problems, needs help. Regards

    1. She left when he was 3' then stopped him seeing either of his sons , the only contact we had was when social services asked us to give her respite care because there was problems. ."they never explained the problems his dad was just glad to see him

  2. I can't imagine anything more draining than this mad circus you and your family have been coping with. It's terrible you have to wait so long for a doctor's appointment. I've dealt with a much less complex version of this. The only thing that I remember helping me was to think: This will come to an end one way or another. What can I do to minimize regret?
    It's essentially a selfish thought, but my need for self-regard made me act more dignified and kept me from saying awful things and doing awful things when I was at my wit's end. You and yours are showing love.

    Mary in Maryland

    1. I try not to dwell on where this is going . long term I don't see a happy ending , but we have to keep tryingg

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