Monday 7 September 2015

Kustom Kulture 2015

A  thoroughly enjoyable weekend , never have I been more pleased than when i snuggled under my 70s charity shop blanket , it was bleak freezing and windy and a cripple and an old fat bird had a great time trying to put up a large tent in the  But we managed , im not sure it was one of his better ideas as were like a pair of cripples now .

The event however was amazing , brilliant music , fantastic stalls , I shant ask where the Psycho Juice lads got that crying boy picture from.  Hicksville Bombers headlined Saturday , daughter and grandson had come up for the day he was in love with Sharna Mae and the Mayhems and his attempts at jiving were great to see .

Meanwhile Im so glad im skint , the man who has conceived a useful purpose for grey squirrels was plying his wares  modern taxidermy at its best , im sorry but they just appeal to my love of Victoriana and my love of different .

The cars were as ever amazing , it was just a completely pleasurable occasion , well organised , loads of variety , though Mr Bah Humbug was a little disappointed that he was to short to see the Gilded Merkin Burlesque Dancers . We also noticed a trend for balding blokes of a certain age wearing top hats , go figure? anythings better than baseball hats . There were tons of rockabilly dressed men and women , but also a huge variety of other genres , this seems to be the event for the misfits of every other individual with style .

We shant even go into a six year old boys fascination with body art and tattooing , but he made his mum stay till the final parade .

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