Thursday, 24 September 2015

Chores Getting You Down ?

Once upon a time , when I gained my freedom from my husband after 22 years , it was just me and the kids in an very empty house we had rented , we had the internet within 7 days but were still sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags for months , had to get my priorities right after
I had no pots so we just ate off paper plates and binned them , just because I could , no TV for 2 years  we had a YMCA sofa thats still in my front room that took 3 months to save up for , everything had to come from boot sales , i had a really poor paying job on permanent nights , but I was FREE , free to make my own decisions for the first time in my life .
I had come for a strict family where I was the only teen rebel , they prayed a lot for me . By todays standards they would be classed as physically and mentally abusive but back in the 70s they were just a little over the top . I can remember being taken to the doctors by my mother and him looking me up and down and saying " Well I Can tell you what the problem is now, she will be one of those strange pipe smoking tartan slipper wearing females , You had better put her into care " So I was Diagnosed as a lesbian at 13 by the medical profession . Got that very wrong didnt he  But my mother being my mother promptly put me in care and left my father while he was working abroad .
My dad was summoned back from the far east after the police caught me, having run away from care and set up home in Blackpool with a fair lad as all teenage lesbians do.
Bless him , my dad was rather clueless , hed been in the army then had worked abroad for years , now he was saddled with a 13 year old wild child , so he decided to move back to his family in Lincolnshire. I loved my dad dearly but his family were strict and very christian , a womens place was in the home you didnt work outside the home all you did was pod out endless children and clean house .
When I was 18 I was taken to the door of a flat and told this is where you will live now , I was far to embarrassing for them all to cope with .
Now you may be wandering where this is leading , after 2 years on my own after my marriage broke up  I met Mr Bah Humbug in an internet chatroom for those with kids that were outside the norm , as a one finger typist it was hard work to hold a conversation with him , he uses 2 fingers now . On the spur of the moment I went to meet him and that was it we just hit it off . But the moment I knew he was the one was when we went to his mothers and she had a washing yurt , and piles of craft magazines everywhere and a sink of dirty pots .
He doesnt bat an eyelid when im working strange hours and the house turns into house of sloth , he never moans when the kitchen table has been taken over for craft purposes for 3 days , he just doesnt notice mess its great , so longs as theres food and he has socks in his drawer hes happy . So I have my freedom but I get a bloke as well its great!!

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