Tuesday 15 September 2015

Hull and Back

I know ive not been around much this last couple of weeks but I got lumbered with a load of holiday cover and things as they are , I took it . So i've had days in the traffic hell that is Grantham , nothing nice to photograph , if there is you cant park near it , didnt look to be a lot in the way of thrift shops either . So that was a very ho hum day out .

But then i got to go to Hull , havent been for about 5 years , still love it , great to drive round with its little dual carriageways in the burbs with the excellent u-turn breaks in the middle .
 So lets talk about Hull . From the pictures you would think i didnt rate it , but i always have , huge chunks were bombed flat during the war its a city full of the working class that no longer has jobs that pay more than minimum wage , when the docks went it sank into the pits . But it always manages to drag itself back up somehow . Now it has great shopping , and its going to be City of Culture , but once you leave the town center its still itself , i noticed that among the  gorgeous rundown huge terraced houses that were turned into multiple occupancy years ago there are lots of hipster palaces creeping in , they know how to exploit the grants systems for renovation and the big terraces are gaining a new life , why have a 5 bedroomed newbuild on an identikit estate when you can for the same price get a huge Victorian Terrace with character .
As usual theyre knocking swathes of old back to back terraces down and replacing them with new build social housing , but why do they have to make them so ghastly? Is it a punishment for being poor?

 Hull was once a very rich city back in the 60s you used to come across on the ferry from New Holland and it was like going to London for us . but whats killed it is the lack of parking everywhere , it always had great public transport so people didnt bother with cars , but they do know so the side streets can be hard going .
So what can you say. Hull may be a flashy old tart past her best but shes trying


  1. looking for a photo of kates terrace hull

    1. not a thing can i find , do you know what street it was on ?

    2. wasnt it bombed out during the war?