Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Poor Saga

I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not very good at this poverty stricken lark , I'm getting very blasé about the latest summons stuck on the fridge, we will sort something out eventually, like everybody else they will have to wait.
But the problem is that financially it's just going from bad to worse, come September we may be in deep do do . They are changing to universal credit in this area from then, and our claim is to complicated to consider, so the Job  center states. this despite a letter from DWP stating we will be £60 a week better off.
But on a plus note, we have a running legal vehicle, I've not had time for a lot this week as it takes a good couple of hours a day just to do the school run if your walking , at least we have a path of sorts to the next village , it's a very quiet lane , so not to bad for a six year old and granny.
it's a good job the garden is starting to get into gear, we can't do groceries this month due to funding the van, lots of salad and bad sausages methinks , freezer is packed with cheap bread, no shop means it's just to much of a trek to go out every day , I'm not about to start baking my own , to time consuming , we eat at least a couple of loaves a day and they won't eat home baked either. me and Mr  Bah Humbug like real bread but it's a waste for just us .
Now here's a strange one for the ebayers among you. I'm receiving umpteen phone calls every day asking to buy the eBay business all from the same bloke , it's currently mothballed due to lack of funds and lack of transport, now I'm well aware that this is a scam and it's just drop shippers after using the feedback to make it look like they're a legitimate business with good feedback, but how many ebayers are saying yes? I know an awful lot of people who are calling it a day after many years, due to the fees and the daft ratings system. what comeback to buyers have if it all goes wrong , if you've legally sold a business?

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