Sunday 19 July 2015

Gone Fishing

Well I was coerced into going fishing with Mr Bah Humbug yesterday , hes wittered for 10 years so i gave in . A truly beautiful very windy day on the fen .
Now the problem he has is that its not safe for him to go on his own anymore , his balance is crap , plus he struggles with the fiddly stuff,  everybody else was either working or on holiday . It was gorgeous at 6 am watching the swallows and the other wildlife , the Fen is pretty amazing in the summer , I got settled down with a good book and my patchwork , I think he thought i'd decide that fishing was wonderful , I used to go sea fishing with my dad many years ago , which i loved , I have a cast iron sailors stomach and I could see the point in catching stuff to eat , sport fishing however leaves me pretty cold . I just cant get my head round spending all that time fishing then chucking it back , the fish are gorgeous but I just felt sorry for the poor things . I did point out to him how would he like it if I dangled Burgers in front of him but he never got to eat them . He did catch some quite big ones which I had to help him land . but for the most part i just took in the scenery and enjoyed the sun and the picnic .

This beauty wanted a wrestling match and spat water everywhere it nearly had him in the water .

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