Thursday 23 July 2015

A Walk Around The Graves

What do you do with a bored munchkin on the first day of the school holidays?, well of course you go for a wander down to the graveyard . I have a confession ,10 years in the village and i had never been , It a large peaceful place but sadly faceless , the church is of course locked up , it has been Victorianised to death , but that was when this was a thriving wealthy place when the fens were first drained .

 Up until  WWII this would have been a very sleepy farming community , then suddenly it was surrounded by RAF bases , nowadays a lot of those in the village are RAF personnel or retirees , most of the bases went after the Cold War but the runways and nissan huts often survive .
I just find it sad that theyve layed most of the headstones down and allowed the grass to grow over them , theres wildflower areas , codename for chunks of overgrown brambles with headstones peeping out , its infested with dog poo , despite the signs and bins .

 There was a sadly much overgrown war grave tucked in a corner . Deeply impressed by the crocheted poppy wreath at the war memorial

I love the lichens and the weathering on the few stones standing , there doesnt appear to be many recent burials , so a beautiful peaceful place but not the graveyard for me , im going on the mantelpiece for a year then onto the compost heap

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