Sunday 5 July 2015

Christmas in July

Well payday came and the bank is still ringing me , 10 calls a day over £50 has nearly driven me mad , I went into the branch and explained it all they said fine but India never gives up . You can understand why people do them selves in over debt , I have a single different creditor each month the wages dont meet the bills and theres nothing i can do about it at the moment , still job hunting and getting nowhere , cant shut the business down even though its making nothing because that would be making myself unemployed ..AAARRRGGGHH
If people payed the invoices in 30 days it would be fine , but its months sometimes ,just been paid for jobs done in April . next month will be dire , but im just picking up a load of holiday cover for which i need fuel money to be able to do it now , plus my car is off the road and im forced to use his van which is fuel hungry .
Worked yesterday and screeched to a halt when I saw the magic Jumble Sale sign , it was just finishing but i managed to use my £1 lunch money to buy of all things a huge bag of xmas baubles , what can I say nobody had paid them an ounce of attention in July , hidden among them though is quite a lot of 50s glass indents so im well chuffed I will pick them out and carboot the rest , do you like the basket?  it was yet more loot from the wedding

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