Wednesday 3 June 2015

Positively Blogging

So this is the weeks highlights , my £100 Sainsburys voucher from BT arrived in the nick of time , we have food, lots of food , it took an afternoon on the website seeing what is cheap and useful and adding the cost up , then an actual shop dragging my embarassed daughter and her calculator round the shop . I purchased an awful lot of ingredients , piles of cheap mince and on offer decent sausages, in fact a very peculiar selection , forgot honey , yeast and flour and that was with a list ...ggggrrrr .

Highlight no 2 , was this sewing machine , a £2 purchase from the auction a few weeks ago , I did buy it for the rather nice if filthy leather case , then during the monsoon yesterday I thought I would have a good look at it , now it had belonged to a chain smoker and was revolting yellow caked and filthy , so it took forever to clean before even giving it a try . Plugged it in and there was life , but it then took me most of the day to figure it out and sort the tensions , now it works perfectly, its a free arm zig zag and straight Cresta T123-3 from the 60s , it has all the attachments and tools and i gather if you hunt forever on the net for a set of cams it can embroider .
Not quite sure what to do with this one , doesnt have a very high resale and isnt a beginner machine at all , people are scared that you wont be able to get parts , i put a new belt on yesterday and the original would be 50 years old , this is made by Lada !!! theres nothing going to break on this one .
Mr Bah Humbug is giving me the death stare , on the grounds of one in one out rule , but i may just use it for a few months for a heavy duty upholstery project then advertise it . I do love my treadle but she doesnt zig zag .

Highlight No 3 This fat little birdy the kids spotted last night looking unhappy , im afraid the gales had grounded him , think hes a tawny owl fledgling and you leave them well alone because there parents will find and feed him , barn owls if they are out of the nest may need assistance as there parents stop feeding them at that point , just in case we confiscated Fat Cats rabbit supper for birdies breakfast if he was still there . But got up this morning and hes gone

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