Wednesday 24 June 2015

Last Day of Freedom

Yesterday was my  my final day of freedom because the cars MOT runs out tomorrow , i may be able to put it back on the road in a month or so but im not holding my breath , it needs at the least four tyres and a front spring plus the cost of the MOT , labour is cheap it involves sons and Mr Bah Humbug supervising but its still going to be over £300
So its down to one vehicle , this will cause immense problems , mainly because this miserable lot wont co operate . plus i wont get out except for work without Mr Bah Humbug who doesnt think I should do without my lunch so I can thrift shop or go anywhere without writing down where ive been and what mileage im doing , he doesnt like me driving his van , which im perfectly capable of doing ..grrrr.
So yesterday my son said lets stop at the War Graves cemetary a couple of villages away , which to my inner goth sounded like just the thing .
There dozens of these cemetery's around Lincolnshire they dont call it bomber county for nothing , they are all maintained by the Commonwealth War Grave Commission , they are beautiful places on a sunny June afternoon . This one at Scopwich has a heavy Canadian RAF body count though there was also English, New Zealand and Americans .

My son was amazed at how old they all were, most appeared to be 22 and under .

There are even a few German Graves from a bomber shot down after bombing Lincoln , some have small vases of flowers , so relatives from overseas must visit .

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