Tuesday 16 June 2015

Jobs For The Over 50s, th

Now I've been job hunting for a few months and I'm finding it hard work.? here's a little tale ....
Spotted a job working with troubled teens , through an agency as they always are these days. SO I banged off a CV and got a reply straight away , did a phone interview, then the little boy at the agency said you just need to forward £50 for your enhanced Criminal check, now I thought about this , then I twigged, they're basically scamming you because to actually get the job you would have to do a Health and Safety course , First Aid course, Manual Handling course all through them for which you have to pay . Asked around and found that this is why nobody works in the caring professions , why they are at every jobs fair screaming for staff and why there's hundreds of vacancies on the job center sites. Now this is even before they forward your application to the employer.  So you probably won't get it anyway at which point you will have forked out £300 for nothing . The criminal check can only be used once , so for every job applied for that's another £50 . So if your on Jobseeker's Allowance you can't apply for these jobs because they won't fund anything till you actually have the job.
I've also found out I'm virtually unemployable because I don't have a checkable 10 year work history , because I'm self employed and the company I subcontract from will not provide references for anyone ....guess I will be joining the Polish at the chicken factory in September..lol

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