Saturday 20 June 2015

Going To The Chapel

Well actually were off to Mr Bah Humbugs best mates wedding, hes the Best Man , Im not a big occasion person plus with the current budget its been a little challenging . My sense of the ridiculous just seems to kick in , its the full penguin suited job and to say my other half looks like Jimmy Crankie is an understatement , his mates 6ft plus and hes 5ft 4 . They decided to leave the suit final fittings till last weekend only to find the shop they ordered them from had closed and they would have to go to Nottingham to pick them up ..bleedin men last week we had a trip to Nottingham in the pouring rain on East Midlands Trains , pleasantly surprised how well this went with my hobbling other half, they have a station in the next village , so we are debating getting a rail card , you do get a reduction if your disabled as well , it might get us out a bit more when we are
Anyway of course there had to be a problem with his suit it had the arms for a gorilla and his waistcoat didnt fit , could we come back on Monday if they could source another size ? Im not sure if ive developed an even worse death stare than usual , but they sent it to another branch in the group at Newark . So we toddled there and was pleasantly surprised that Newark is quite nice from a shopping perspective , if we'd had the time we would have stayed for the day , there looks to be an awful lot of thrift not just the big chain ones either .
Just to give me another giggle Mr Bah Humbug announced he was off to the barbers , now hes not got a lot of hair and I usually just mow him with the clippers . So he potters off yesterday having not got there for the last 2 weeks like he said he would , the lady barber looks at me when he says just make him look respectable for a wedding and says ...number 3 allover then
Hes most miffed that hes going bald and not even a drastic comb over could cure the situation plus hes now got a nice inch wide white stripe all the way round . I decided to just not say a thing at this point , but the kids have been chuckling behind his back and he keeps asking why .
One good thing is that ive not had to buy anything new , they are all well aware that i favour Elvira the witch in the fashion stakes , so it was a choice of black, black or back , ive even cleaned my Doc Martens specially , I might need them for the first clever clogs who asks me if im Mr Bah Humbugs mother , bless him I wish hed go grey instead of
Wish me luck folks , a nice normal thrift post is looming on the horizon ...

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