Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Car Boot challenge

This week has been hell 60 hours at work in the real world and no time to do a thing . August is looking like a real slack month so thats not a bad thing , time to craft , ebay and spoil the munchkin methinks . This morning i got up to a silent house , Mr Bah Humbug had gone fishing and the munchkin was off with his mum to Scarborough....I just couldnt stand it , I had to drag myself out to the car boots , with my usual zilch
budget .

I did the little car boot in the next village which yielded a little gem , this may guest for the summer if the munchkin thinks its fun , what kid of 5 couldnt kill a few hours with a mini Olympus typewriter ? then it should make a bit on ebay once hes bored with it .

Then because i was on my own , I thought id wander a bit further and ended up at Coleby at 10 to 9 just as the hoards and millions arrived , traffic chaos ensued but i did get to fight my way in eventually , there were mountains of stalls and mountains of buyers and im not good at elbowing my way to the front so there was tons of stuff i probably missed . My big  purchase was a huge bag of fabric offcuts for £3 ,which i struggled to carry back to the car , i couldnt really look through it at the time but its yielded some nice surprises when i got it home and unpacked . I think someone has been trying to do the currently trendy patchwork upholstery and called it a day, it had all the muslin shapes cut out and started .  Which is to my benefit , theres stacks of glorious fabric samples , big bits of curtain and upholstery fabric , lots of quilting wadding bits, far more than ive pictured , these were just the loud

but here is the strangest find , a 60s suede dress that was hiding at the bottom of the bag of fabric  , on to ebay it must go , it should pay for my day out and all the stuff i bought . in theory that is , who knows with the vagaries of ebay these days ?

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