Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Thrift where are you?

I guess im starting to panic , I put in loads of bids at   try not to laugh at some of the prices fetched , I won  nothing . toddled down to the viewing at Unique chuck out sale only to find a sea of broken pots and nothingness, they have a big 2 day "antique sale" at the weekend that im struggling to find anything interesting in at a price I  can afford Its nearly September and i've never been so low on stock, usually im struggling to see the floor and falling over boxes everywhere , instead im contemplating moving furniture and doing a bit of
Hopefully there will be a nice weekend and i can wander the car boots, but then again i need to do one last car boot , with my mountain of curtains and bedding . Ive bought nothing all week in the charity shops everything was just of no interest , im so glad that i only have my ebay shop to stock , those of you with booths have to continually buy and sometimes that must be a chore .
Heres a couple of car boot lurkers , i was thinking of doing something with tartan and the bag of dolls was a whole 10p . see i will buy anything for 10p

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