Friday, 22 August 2014

Cant get Better Than Free

So Mr Bah Humbug is off squatting in a tent with his scooter buddies and i have to work today .
But take a look at what i was given .

This was a donation from daughters boyfriend , his mum works in a school and they were going to throw this in the skip!!!  But i suppose to anyone else it does appear to be rubbish , she had tried to give it to others who were horrified .
This is the exciting bit  (to me ) Its a Singer 275L  produced from 1959 for a very short time , the last of the metal machines and its a hand model , she has a couple of minor missing bits , but being a Singer they can be sourced from other models , its just the little plastic plate over the stitch length adjuster that will be a pig to find , but this doesnt make a difference to its function at all , its just me being a singer nerd , her case is very tatty so i think i may jazz it up a little . she will be a functioning beauty once im finished

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