Thursday 10 April 2014

Mini Car Boot

Im very stressed at the moment and the best therapy I know is a walk round Torksey carboot sale . so i toddled off with daughter and the munchkin in tow, somewhat to my amazement they let me walk for miles on my own , more because of my tendency to look at stuff they find embarrassing and the fact that they always have a domestic half way
Its the school holidays so you were tripping over little people everywhere , couldnt look at anything for all  the pushchairs and the dealers were out in force .
I just struggled to find anything amazing , I so need amazing at the moment everything seems so samey, lots of blingy handbags and bad taste shoes , toys and  more toys  , overpriced "antiques " and vintage made in China circa 2010  .
Finally found a dealer i see around , hes a strange little bloke, he'd done one of the big antique fairs and  fetched all the stuff that didnt sell to the carboot so laugh at his chuckouts that I bought .
Jug with a little chip and a tiny crack just because i liked the colours

dinky JAJ Pyrex carafe with shamrocks that somebody might like?  a half a parian ware shrimp that just said pincushion to me

Vintage sliderule ..WHY  , strangest of the lot jadeite green little nail brush with a 50s bovver boot top

Finally gorgeous crinoline lady sandwich plate ...which i wil need to find a center for

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