Sunday 6 April 2014

Floral Sunday

I needed something bright and cheerful to look at today , as i grump about the wretched weather yet again. Sunday day of carboots and mellow wanderings , so I get up and the winds howling and its raining for a change
 Its day of sewing and a good book , mixed in with contemplating the cauldron and what the hell i can slow cook for tomorrow .
 Im in disgrace for scrambling dried egg for breakfast , it was a bit weird the colours not right, it goes a bit rubbery, but it tastes just the same as real eggs. It was an Approved Foods purchase that ive been hiding in quiches and cakes for a few weeks and nobody has noticed ....till now
So today its something bright and cheery from the Home For Rescued Volumes, printed in the year i was born and a whole 10p rescue mission , ive bought an awful lot of childrens books that ive not got round to showing in the last few weeks ,theyre so easy to hide around the house !

Im just a total sucker for early 60s graphics. Cant you tell ?

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