Wednesday 16 April 2014

Girl Guides

Once upon a time my mothers middle class aspirations forced me to join the girl guides . Back in the 60s it was practically compulsory if you were going to get on in the world . It was all a bit Stepford wives then, flower arranging badges , Cake Baking and a bit of First Aid . The annual camping trip with the Scouts where you wernt allowed to even speak to a boy . I quickly realised that I didnt fit in , im not the slightest bit sporty and never have been , i was always the last to be picked , I cant hit a ball or catch a ball , i was banned from hockey for being to aggressive.

The flower arranging went well , I just dont grasp it at all., I still just grab a vase and ram them in , i think they gave me my one and only badge out of pity . I was eventually asked to leave after an incident with a Scout . But when you look at these 1920s images it looks kind of fun. When you look at the stuff they do know it looks fun...if your sporty , otherwise its like a visit to a coal mine in your wedding frock  . My daughter has just informed she was a deprived child because i didnt let her join the Brownies !!

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